Let Us Pick And Pack For Your online business in France

Sorting out logistics can be challenging, especially so, when you are just launching your e-commerce business or when your business is growing.

When finding storage, shipping and delivery get too overwhelming, turn to JCD Logistique, your reliable partner for e-commerce businesses in France. JCD Logistique is a logistics e-fulfillment provider with more than 15 years of experience in logistics. JCD Logistique a has a modern and spacious warehouse in Grenoble, aptly located close to a highway, and it supports e-commerce businesses in finding the perfect solution for their business and customers.

When it comes to tailored logistics solutions, JCD Logistique has got you covered – we provide a full spectrum of logistics services from forward and reverse supply chain services, to warehousing, to manufacturing operations, to transportation management. Having worked with a number of e-commerce businesses, we understand the challenge of ensuring good logistics solutions while running a business.

By outsourcing administrative tasks to JCD Logistique you can save time to further improve and grow your business. Instead of picking and packing your orders yourself, let us take over the menial tasks and do them efficiently and quickly, using our expertise, trained personnel and modern equipment.


One of the major expectations of e-commerce customers today are quick and efficient deliveries. Running an e-commerce business, you are competing against other service providers, who attract customers with efficient and speedy deliveries.

Competition becomes especially hard when you have to pick and pack the orders yourself, packing boxes and pasting addresses manually. Not only is it cumbersome, it’s also inefficient and time-consuming. Just imagine how much time you could save by letting a professional logistics fulfilment provider handle the orders that you are currently dealing with yourself. By outsourcing your picking and packing task to JCD Logistique, you can speed up the process and reduce the possibility of errors – after all, it’s impossible not to make mistakes picking and packing orders by yourself. And if your orders aren’t arriving fast enough, your customers are likely to look for more reliable alternatives.

So, let us sum it up: by outsourcing your logistics to JCD Logistique, you gain extra time to develop and grow your business, you minimize the possibility of errors and you ensure shorter shipment times to your customers.