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JCD Logistique : position stratégique

Our logistics centre is located near Grenoble, close to major roads and transport hubs.

  • The premises are completely secure and equipped with an alarm linked to the Securitas control centre.
  • Our warehouse is specially designed for e-commerce logistics: preparation and picking areas take up a large part of the space.
  • Several delivery bays allow goods to be unloaded and loaded.

JCD Logistique : camion de transport

Our working methods :

JCD Logistique : stockage lineaire
JCD Logistique : stockage palette

Shelf storage in linear metres is the preferred method to facilitate picking operations.

Storage on pallets is used for large quantities or bulky products.

Your products are insured against theft, fire and water damage.

Our rates :

  • Shelf storage in linear metres : monthly charge of 3.00€ per linear metre of shelving (minimum dimensions 100 x 40 x 40 cm)

  • Storage on pallets : monthly charge of 8.00€ per pallet (minimum dimensions 120 x 80 x 140 cm)

These catalogue prices are given for guidance only. You can request a personalised quote by completing our form.