Finding Logistics Solutions for E-Commerce Businesses

Many owners of online businesses often find themselves in a tricky situation, when their business enters the next growth phase and finding the right logistics solution gets complicated. When you handle logistics yourself, getting the product to the end customer and keeping the quality standard of shipment is not an easy task. In cases like that, outsourcing fulfilment logistics and finding the right logistics partner for your business can be the best way to support and grow your business.

Rely on JCD Logistique to support you in providing efficient, fast and reliable logistics solutions, suited to the needs of your business and your customers. JCD Logistique can support small, mid-size and larger businesses with a number of key issues, from pick and pack e-fulfilment centre in France, to online business storage outsourcing in France, and it can serve as a French warehouse order shipping platform. Over the years, we have continuously worked with partners, who operate on Shopify, PestaShop and WooCommerce, providing our clients with tailored solutions for their e-commerce businesses.


For smaller, mid-size and even larger e-commerce businesses storage often poses a problem. Whether you are just launching your business, or it has grown, or you are planning to expand your client base – at some point, you simply need more space for your goods. And it’s not just space – your goods need to be stored well and safely. JCD Logistique has got your back – its spacious warehouse in Grenoble offers an efficient way to store your goods.


Outsourcing your logistics solutions also helps to send out your orders efficiently. Let professionals handle the packing and shipment of your orders to avoid mistakes and speed up the process. When you handle the shipment of goods yourself, the risk of making mistakes and shipment delays is high. And we all know, how late deliveries and wrong orders can make customers dissatisfied and disappointed. Keep your customers happy with JCD Logistique. We can speed up your send outs and deliveries and we handle them efficiently, smoothly and error-free.


With its spacious and fully equipped warehouse in Grenoble, JCD Logistique guarantees enough storage space. It also promises efficient, timely and fast handling of goods. With our well-trained personnel and the modern technology we employ, we save you time with shipments and administrative tasks. You no longer have to deal with cumbersome and time-consuming tasks and you don’t have to worry about making a mistake while shipping your goods. And we offer bulk shipping discounts. Is there a better motivation to grow your business?