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Box logistics and bulk deliveries

The phenomenon of gift or subscription boxes has expanded rapidly in recent years and is now a fully-fledged e-commerce category.

The principle is simple:

  • A seller specialises in a clearly identified theme (beauty products, delicatessen, children’s books, beer, tea, etc.) and puts together a box with a selection of these products.
  • Buyers can discover new products at a very low price. The operation is repeated periodically (usually every month).

We’ve been working for several years with companies specialising in online box sales, and have built up considerable expertise in this activity, which has a number of special features.

This activity requires a particularly streamlined logistics system. That’s why we’ve developed a tailor-made structure that enables us to offer extremely competitive rates for this type of activity. This applies to both preparation and dispatch.

This service also applies to all types of bulk shipments: identical shipments sent to different recipients.