JCD Logistique: Finding The Right Logistics Solution For Your in France

For many e-commerce businesses, logistics is the trickiest part of operations. As you launch and as you grow, you often need to figure out how to store, pack and ship your goods efficiently. Customers put a lot of value in receiving their orders on time, while the quality of packaging and the quality of delivery matter a lot too. However, for smaller businesses, ensuring safe storage, efficient packing and fast shipments can get too much. More often than not, outsourcing challenging logistics tasks to third parties is the best option.

Enter JCD Logistique, your reliable and experienced French partner in logistics fulfilment. At JCD Logistique, we have multiyear experience in handling logistics solutions for e-commerce businesses of different size, operating in France. Our warehouse in Grenoble is well equipped for storing goods, and we offer packing and shipment services for businesses operating on e-commerce platforms.


When you deal with multiple orders, or when you run a subscription-based business, it is easy to get wrapped up in picking and packing, pasting of addresses and handling send outs. At times, the volume of orders becomes too big difficult to manage, and, unless you employ a team of helpers, you are likely to be spending whole days on the monotonous tasks. We are sure, you can find better use for the time you are currently spending picking and packing.


With JCD Logistique, you don’t have to spend extra time on choosing packaging, picking orders and packing. You also don’t have to source and hire help, which is not only time-consuming, but also administratively inefficient. Instead, you can simply rely on professionals for support. We at JCD Logistique can assemble and pick orders for you and you will no longer have to be involved with putting the orders together.


Apart from having some extra time on your hands, by outsourcing picking to us, you can minimize the possibility of making an error – our experienced pickers handle orders quickly and efficiently. And, as we know, customers appreciate well-packed and well-delivered orders. So, in the end, our picking services also help you boost your customer loyalty.

Start spending time on growing your order volume, instead of feeling overwhelmed – get in touch with JCD Logistique to learn more about our picking services and get an offer tailored specifically to the needs of your business.