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Get your perfect e-commers logistics solution in France with JCD Logistique

Introducing JCD Logistique

For more than 15 years, JCD Logistique has been offering personalized and tailored logistics solutions for small, mid-size and big businesses in France. JCD Logistique remains at the forefront of creating strategic, highly efficient logistics solutions based on detailed analysis, research and deep knowledge of the logistics industry and the changes it has been undergoing due to the continuing e-commerce boom. While the growth of e-commerce businesses puts pressure on the businesses in regards to providing great services and meeting their customers' expectations, JCD Logistique keeps updating and upgrading its approach to logistics and offering new and innovative solutions for logistics in the era of the Internet 2.0.

In providing seamless and stress-free logistics solutions to its clients, JCD Logistique relies on its fulfilment center in France, located in Grenoble. Situated in a spacious, modern and fully equipped building, the fulfilment center has a direct access to a major highway that ensures a direct access to a number of strategic directions and routes. 

The logistics solutions in France provided by the JCD Logistique

As it continues to rethink and improve logistics, JCD Logistique is sure to support you in fulfilling a tailored solution specific to your needs and the expectations of your customers. JCD Logistique is known for its reliable assistance in logistics and ongoing partnership with a variety of e-commerce businesses, small and large. Over the years, it has worked with businesses on the platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce and PestaShop, employing reliable carriers and partners for realising efficient logistics solutions. Given our experience, we have been realizing subscription box fulfilment for French companies, we providing shipping and logistics for Shopify stores in France, we have done warehouse and shipping for e-commerce in France as well as fulfilment batching in France. For big clients and small businesses alike, we serve as a go-to pick and pack e-fulfilment center in France.

Trust us with creating a nuanced and tailored logistics solution for your business

Leave the details to us – we love them! With our trademark attention to detail and love for research, we will surely come up with a logistics solution that will leave your customers satisfied and your business thriving. 

With our more than 20 years of experience in logistics, we will be able to find just the right solution that specifically answers the needs of your business and helps you efficiently and effectively connect