Logistics fulfillment services for WooCommerce – Who We Are And What We Do

As a business owner, you probably know how complicated finding the right logistics solution and getting your product to the end customer can be. Sometimes, outsourcing your logistics and finding the right logistics partner for your business can be the best way to support and grow your business. Trust JCD Logistique to support you in providing efficient, fast and reliable logistics solutions, suited to the needs of your business and your customers. As an experienced provider of logistics fulfilment solutions in France JCD Logistique is sure to become a longterm partner for you and your business.

With a fulfilment center strategically located in Grenoble, we support small, mid-size and larger businesses in a number of key areas, acting as a pick and pack e-fulfilment center in France, online business storage outsourcing in France and a French warehouse order picking platform. Over the years, we have continuously worked with partners, who operate on Shopify, PestaShop and WooCommerce, providing our clients with an access to full logistics infrastructure.


For smaller, mid-size and even larger businesses, operating on e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce, getting their products shipped and delivered to customers often poses a challenge. The issues of storage, efficiency and speed are of utmost importance. Yet, for businesses with no to small warehouse space, providing good storage, speedy deliveries and efficient administrative handling proves problematic. That’s when outsourcing your logistics solutions is your best choice. To provide your customers with the service they expect and deserve, partner up with JCD Logistique for efficient storage, shipment and delivery solutions.

With its spacious and fully equipped warehouse in Grenoble, JCD Logistique guarantees enough storage space as well as efficient, timely and fast handling of goods. Both our well-trained personnel and the modern technology we employ, help us to handle your goods, ensure effective picking and packing of goods, and carry out your shipments efficiently and quickly. As experts in logistics solutions with more that 15 years of experience, we also ensure impeccable administrative solutions to shipment and deliveries and we work with precision, to help you keep your customer promise and grow your WooCommerce business steadily and stress-free.