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E-commerce logistics solution

We offer an e-commerce logistics solution tailored to the specific needs of this business. We aim to offer you comprehensive management of your physical flows, from receipt of your products through to delivery to the consumer. At the same time, we want to provide you with the tools you need to monitor and manage your business effectively and independently.

An e-commerce-specific approach

E-commerce logistics require a special kind of structure. :

  • The majority of sales are to private individuals, which means that products need to be managed at retail level. Our premises are mainly equipped with shelving for retail picking. The shelving is set up in such a way as to optimise the movement of pickers.
  • A great deal of space is also devoted to order preparation, which plays a pivotal role in our service. Suitable picking stations, in sufficient numbers, take up a significant amount of space.

And as each flow is specific, we adapt the preparation method to your activity :

  • we fulfil orders of varying complexity and products of varying size. This increases our efficiency and generates savings for our customers.

Our order preparation procedures have been carefully developed to meet the requirements of e-commerce.

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Connection to all your sales channels

The synchronisation of IT tools plays an essential role in e-commerce. For the service provider, this means retrieving product data sheets, incoming delivery advice notes and orders to be fulfilled. And for the customer, it means retrieving tracking numbers and updating stocks. These are just some of the essential details that need to be communicated.

That’s why we offer completely free API connectors with the main CMSs and marketplaces :

And many more connectors are available. Please contact us if you use another platform.

In our warehouse management software (W.M.S.), we retrieve all the item records created on your sales platform, and all the orders to be fulfilled.

We then upload the tracking numbers for each order to your platform, updating the preparation status. Finally, stock levels are updated on your platform.

We also offer multi-channel management. This involves connecting several sales platforms (marketplace or CMS) and managing a uniform catalogue. Stock management is also taken into account in a unified way, with centralised updates in real time to all the connected platforms.

Finally, we know that some retailers prefer to work with a customised site. That’s why we can provide the specifications for our API to enable you to connect with their tools.

Monitoring and managing your business

Our offer comes with access to an application that enables our customers to monitor their activity and carry out a number of actions. Here are the main features of this tool :

  • Connection of new sales channels
  • Creation of new products
  • Entry of incoming delivery advice notes
  • Stock monitoring
  • Setting up of stock alerts
  • Entry of customer orders
  • Modification of unprepared orders
  • Checking of order preparation status
  • Checking of order delivery status.

This application is in addition to the uploading of tracking numbers and order statuses on your platforms.

You can also have dedicated shipper access to carrier portals. This gives you access to the following services :

Search for dispatched parcels and get detailed tracking.

Enter your claims.

Issue delivery labels for your customer returns.

A transport offer tailored to e-commerce deliveries.

To offer you a comprehensive e-commerce logistics service, we work with transport partners who specialise in delivering to private customers. We have selected the best transport providers to offer you a top-quality delivery service at controlled prices.

We offer a full range of delivery options :

Home delivery

Delivery to a parcel collection point

Express delivery

Furthermore, we can deliver to almost any country in the world.

Carriers collect parcels daily from our warehouses, guaranteeing delivery every working day.

Adaptability and customised services

When you choose your e-commerce logistics provider, you’re looking for the best solution for managing your stock and fulfilling your orders. But we know that sometimes retailers have specific needs, which make it more practical to call on your logistics provider. These needs may be either frequent or occasional.

Very often it’s a question of adding personalisation to your parcels, e.g. adding flyers or brochures, or sticking stickers on the parcels.

But you may also need to carry out more extensive operations :

  • labelling or repackaging products
  • preparing shipments with strict formalities
  • assembling presentation kits for your products
  • and many other possibilities.

We work with our customers to understand all their requirements and offer tailor-made solutions. Don’t hesitate to tell us about your needs.