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Picking and packing

Order preparation brings together product picking and packaging, also known as packing.

These operations are our core business. Our preparation procedures have been shaped by over a decade’s experience in this field, enabling us to offer a high-quality service.

We set our cut-off time at 12 pm: any orders received before 12 pm are dispatched the same day.

Thanks to your IT control tower, you can check the status of your orders in real time. You can also access certain options such as modifying and creating orders.

Our working methods

Depending on the type of flows and products, different preparation procedures are used. Here are a few examples of how preparation is organised:

Single-order picking:

the picker selects the products needed to make up an order. The order is then packed immediately. This method is preferred for orders requiring special handling: e.g. bulky orders, B-to-B orders with special formalities, urgent orders.

Multi-order picking with division on a compartmentalised trolley:

the picker picks products from several orders, following a circuit optimised by our computer system. The items are divided into orders, in a compartmentalised trolley. The trolley is then taken to the preparation area to pack the orders one by one.

Multi-order picking with division on the picking table:

the picker picks products from several orders, following a circuit optimised by our IT system. All items are mixed together. The items are taken to the preparation area, where they are sorted by order using our computer system. The orders are then packed one by one

Picking multiple identical orders:

the picker picks products from several identical orders. The orders are then prepared at the same time. This system is used when a number of identical orders need to be picked. It optimises the process considerably, which is reflected in the price.

Focus on…


Products picked during the picking process are checked against the barcode on the item. If your suppliers can’t provide a barcode, don’t worry. We can find an alternative solution: affixing barcodes at reception or ensuring picking is controlled using other tools.

Once the products have been picked, a visual check or scan is carried out again to ensure that the orders contain the right items.

We can personalise your parcels by adding flyers or goodies and sticking stickers on the boxes. All requests can be discussed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Particular care is taken when packing orders. Our pickers are experienced and trained in the best packaging practices. They choose the right protection and packaging, depending on the type of product and order.

The choice of packaging materials is defined in advance with each customer.

In particular, we use:

  • Cardboard envelopes
  • Bubble bags
  • Plastic envelopes
  • Cardboard boxes

We offer envelopes and cardboard boxes in a wide range of formats.

Various types of paper are used for protection and packaging, as well as bubble wrap for the most delicate products.

We can also use specific supplies ordered by customers.

Our rates

tarif colis

price per package

from 1.00€ to 1.60€

The difference is mainly due to the complexity of the packaging and the volumes involved.
tarif unite

price per unit ranges

from 0.10€ to 0.20€

tarif fourniture

Price per supply

from a few cents to several euros

The price per supply ranges from a few cents (small plastic envelopes) to several euros (large, solid cardboard boxes).