Pick and pack e-fulfillment

Pick and pack e-fulfillment is our core activity. We have set processes to optimise this operation and upgrade either efficiency and liability :




  • IT Connexions : Having a automatic transfer of information is essential to offer high level service. We receive in our system your catalogue and the open orders. When an order is fulfilled, the tracking number is uploaded in your system and the status is moved to fulfilled. We have solutions to easely connect our system with your online shop, if you work on Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Oxatis or Magento. 


  • Products picking : There are different way to pick up the products. Single order picking, batch picking, cluster picking and many other are available. Chosing the good solution for picking many depends on the volumes the products handled. Our system offers several possibilities to chose the best way of picking orders. The picking order is secured with bare code control of each products. This control ensure to take the good product and the good quantity.


  • Packing : Once the products are gathered order per order, the packing process can start. An additionnal control of the products is made while we place the products in the appropriate packaging and cushionning materials. At the end of the process, the box gets his shipping label and is picked up by the carrier.



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