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Receiving and checking

Receiving and checking goods

Receiving your goods is a very important and often underestimated stage which should be carried out with care. A counting or identification error at this stage would have consequences for the rest of the service.

Receipt of all types of handling units:
JCD Logistique : cartons de stockage


JCD Logistique : palette


JCD Logistique : Contenair


No formalities are required. However, we recommend that you correctly identify the products by reference and name.

The use of barcodes, affixed to each unit, is strongly recommended. This ensures product identification and optimises the acceptance procedure.

Putting in stock on D+1, except Mondays and large quantities.

nos methodes Nos méthodes de travail :
JCD Logistique : Réception de colis

Receipt of products :

  • Receipt of logistical units (parcels/pallets) and verification of the waybill
  • At this stage, we make sure that the goods are intended for us, that no logistical units are missing and that they are in good condition.
  • If this is not the case, clear reservations are noted on the waybill and the customer is informed immediately.
JCD Logistique : Contrôle des colis

Product inspection :

  • packages are opened and products checked one by one.
  • This quantitative and qualitative check ensures that there are no discrepancies between the delivery note and products actually received.
  • In the interests of optimisation, this action is generally carried out on a random package.
JCD Logistique : intégration informatique

Computerised integration of stock :

  • This can be done either by inputting data or automatically by means of incoming delivery advice notes produced on your dedicated platform.
JCD Logistique : Stockage

Physical storage of products

  • in the appropriate storage locations.
nos tarifs 2 Nos tarifs :
JCD Logistique : Palette mono-référence
JCD Logistique : palette multi-références

Single-reference pallet : €3.50 per pallet

Multi-reference pallet or parcel : from €0.01 to €0.05 per unit, depending on the nature of the products and their packaging

These catalogue prices are given for guidance only. You can request a personalised quote by completing our form.