Improving Your Business Efficiency With Fulfilment Batching by JCD Logistique

Whether you are just diving into e-commerce or running a fast-growing online business, logistics might well be the most challenging part of your working process. One of the effective solutions to your logistics challenges could be outsourcing fulfilment batching to a fulfilment center. Let us introduce you to JCD Logistique, a reliable logistics partner to e-commerce businesses in France. JCD Logistique can take over picking and packing your orders, including fulfilment batching to considerably speed up your logistics operations.


Batches are sets of the same products that get sent out at the same time to different customers. Batching is used to speed up order fulfillment. Batch picking is much more efficient than packing each order individually. Packing batches of orders saves a lot of time, improves your worker productivity and helps you save time on picking and packing orders. Batching is the best approach to assembling your subscription orders, when identical packages need to be assembled for a number of orders.


To efficiently assemble batches of send outs, you need to have a well-organised and spacious warehouse that allows easy access to goods. However, you might well know that managing a warehouse as a small business is expensive, inefficient and time-consuming. It also brings about the problem of sourcing and hiring experienced workers.

Instead of trying to arrange smooth batch picking yourself, turn to professionals for help. JCD Logistique has a spacious and well-equipped warehouse where batches of orders can be sorted quickly and error-free. It also employs professional picker teams who can pack patches of orders for you in no time. In assembling your order, we rely on modern technology, which allows us to retrieve and collect items in the speediest way possible.


By outsourcing your fulfilment batching to JCD Logistique, you can achieve a number of business goals at once. You will increase efficiency and speed of picking, packing and sending out your orders to customers. Now you can safely take on more orders, knowing that you have a reliable partner to support you. You will also be getting out the orders to your customers quicker, which helps you achieve your KPIs and make your customers happier. And isn’t it just what you want?

Boost your e-commerce business with fulfilment batching by JCD Logistique today – contact us to learn more and get your individual offer, tailored to your needs.