Outsource fulfilment logistics to LCD Logistique and get some extra space for your business in France

Increasingly, outsourcing fulfilment logistics becomes a go-to method to amplify productivity and reduce costs for smaller and larger e-commerce businesses alike. This comes as no surprise, as today’s logistics is a complex and competitive industry, and few businesses have the resources to do it right. Customers want quicker deliveries, and don’t tolerate inaccuracies – logistics can make or break our business. You can either make your customers happy and loyal, or completely turn them away from ordering from you.

Unsurprisingly, more and more e-commerce businesses opt for outsourcing their fulfilment logistics to professionals. We, at JCD Logistique, have more than 15 years of experience, helping online businesses in France to improve on their logistics solutions and make their customers happier. One of the key services that we offer is giving our partners access to storage and warehouse space.


For many, storage space is a logistical hazard. As your business grows, you need more and more space to store your products. And, however simple finding extra storage space might seem at a first glance, in reality, it turns out to be quite a challenge. Finding a space is one thing, but ensuring that it’s well-located, well-insulated, well-equipped and suitable for shipments is a whole different matter. When you work on picking, packing, assembling and shipping goods yourself, your storage space should allow for all those operations to go smoothly.

Let us, at JCD Logistique, store your goods for your online business. Among the services that we offer our French partners, is access to our spacious and well-located warehouse in Grenoble. As an experienced partner in fulfilment logistics, we make sure that your goods are stored safely and remain intact, and we provide optimal storage conditions for all kinds of products. Here, your goods can be stored, but also assembled, packed and shipped – efficiently and quickly. With us, you do not only improve storage conditions, but also speed up the whole shipment and delivery process, while saving money. Storing and shipping goods with us is way more affordable than managing a warehouse by yourself. We are sure that you will be much better off, investing money in your business rather than logistics solutions.


Stop stressing out about storage and start saving money with our effective storage solutions. Contact us to find out how we can help your business and get your individual quote. At JCD Logistique, we provide our e-commerce partners with offers, tailored specifically to their needs. And we offer discounts – find out if they might apply to your business.