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Why outsource your fulfilment logistics to us

If you are a small, mid-size or even a large business, and you manage your own logistics solutions, chances are high that you spend way too much time and effort trying to make your logistics efficient. To increase your business output and speed up your growth, outsource your logistics fulfilment to a reliable and experienced partner. For e-commerce businesses in France, JCD Logistique offers tailored and unique solutions for increasing productivity and accelerating shipments. Among the services that we offer to our partners are extra storage space and access to our experienced teams and equipment. We help e-commerce businesses to store, to pick and pack, we assist with preparing subscription boxes, and we also do kiting and assembling way faster than you are probably doing it right now.

Kiting and assembly: how you do it vs how we can do it for you

For e-commerce businesses with limited warehouse space and little experience in logistics solutions, kiting and assembly risk to turn into a logistical nightmare. Assembling the kites requires space, time and manpower, and these three things are precisely what you as a business can hardly ever spare. Moreover, when you work on assembling a kite by yourself, the risk of you missing an item or making a mistake is high.  We at JCD Logistique have a spacious warehouse in Grenoble France, modern equipment and years of experience in logistics fulfilment – we can assemble a kite pack it and ship it for you much more effectively and much faster than you.

What you get in the end, are well-executed logistics solutions that come with bulk shipping discounts, cost efficiency and highly satisfied customers. Timely deliveries are key for e-commerce businesses – and we speed up the whole logistics process from fast assembly and kiting to speedy shipments. You, as a result, make your customers are satisfied and happy, and, importantly, you win more time. Instead of wasting it on slow kiting assembly, dedicate it to growing your business and expanding your customer base. You'll see, sometimes outsourcing a cumbersome task to professionals really does have a huge impact.

Kiting and assembly – make your customers happier now with JCD Logistique

If you are a French e-commerce business and kiting and assembly are increasingly becoming causes of headache for you, learn more about our fulfilment solutions right now. Contact us to find out how we can sort out your logistics and make kiting and assembly solutions easier for you. At JCD Logistique, we provide our e-commerce partners with offers, tailored specifically to their needs. And, as said, we offer bulk shipment discounts – don't miss out on those.